Tuesday, February 24, 2009

AllSpark Almanac help

OK, another help request. Titan Magazine in the UK is willing to help me out with info on their Animated comic, so I should be able to include info on it in the book. The trouble is, I haven't read any of them and my local comic shop doesn't carry them. Anyone know of a good place to buy the Titan animated comics 1-3, and the titan main transformers comic #17 (featuring a backup animated comic)? I'd really like to have read them before I try to summarize them.


Hero_UK said...

Perhaps Titan could help you a bit further by supplying the comics :)

There is a back issues section on Titan's website, which is UK/Europe only.

There is always a chance that someone could scan the comics. Although for some reasons, its probably not ideal. There's also nothing quite like having the physical comic as opposed to data on a screen.

I could maybe order these for you from my end and we can negotiate the details via e-mail. (Ken-at-melted-dotcom).

Anonymous said...

If you want, I've got reasonable-condition copies of the Animated title (minus the gifts) that you're welcome to for the cost of shipping.

Poke me via PM at IDW or TFArchive if no-one's hooked you up already.

Anonymous said...

Why don't you contact Nick (Roche) or Boo? They should be able to get you a copy... Well, Denyer has a good reputation, too ;)

I'd love to help but they're impossible to find here in Spain so far...