Tuesday, July 9, 2013

G. I. Joe Field Manual Addendum - Lasers in the Night

By request, the next G.I. Joe Field Manual addendum features the incidental models I have for Lasers in the Night. Specifically, the poster was interested in Alice, a mechanic who appears briefly working on some Sky Strikers. Sadly, the model sheet sheds little light on the character. She isn't even labeled by name, merely dubbed 'female mechanic.' Still, I hope you enjoy another G.I. Joe greenshirt.

Of course, Amber is the true guest star of Lasers in the Night, and she gets a whole page to herself in the first G.I. Joe Field Manual. There was no shortage of models for her, including her in her standard outfit, her in a catsuit, her in a dress, her in a bathing suit, and her dressed for S.C.U.B.A. That last model featured her front AND her rather shapely rear.

(I'm not just being a pervert, I'm going somewhere with this.)

Amber's wetsuit model would pop up again later in the season. In Memories of Mara, Lady Jaye would show up wearing the exact same wetsuit. As in, the artist erased Amber's head and drew in Lady Jaye's. I remembered looking at it and saying to myself, "hey, that's not Lady Jaye's ass!" Since I already had three pages of Lady Jaye models in the first book (and two more in the second book), including one with her in a brand new wetsuit, I left it out. I didn't think it was necessary to have the same model in the book twice, just with two different heads. Not when there was a surfeit of Lady Jaye material. Still, in the interest of completionism, I present all four wetsuit models for Amber and Lady Jaye, side-by-side for ease of comparison.