Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Pathfinder Card Game

Dungeons and Dragons has always been a staple of the nerd community.  Card games have also followed suit as a mainstay.  The mad scientist geniuses at Paizo have brought the two together in their new Pathfinder Adventure Card Game.

If you haven't played it, i highly recommend you check it out at some point.  This game is pretty simple.  Each player has a player deck.  The players work together as a team to overcome a scenario.  The scenarios are provided and the players must explore locations during each scenario to find the villain and defeat him, thus winning the scenario.  This sounds simple, but the act of the game is what makes it engaging.  Interestingly, it is playable both by one's self or in a group of up to 6 people.  But what nerd only plays a game without some tinkering of their own?

The idea struck me as I was driving home listening to the Nightmare Before Christmas soundtrack.  Oogie Boogie would make a great villain to fight in Pathfinder ACG.  The idea grew from there.  Using images I found on the internet as well as GIMP, I was able to fix my own cards that will be used for my own Nightmare Before Christmas themed Pathfinder ACG Adventure!

Below are just a few of the card's I've created thus far.  The rest will be added next Thursday (Nov. 14th) after the game as well as an adventure summary.  Enjoy!