Friday, July 15, 2011

Spirit Journey Formation Anniversary!

Well, it's my birthday, and it wouldn't be my birthday if I didn't have well-wishers from all corners of the world.  One friend shared a rather unique birthday song, from the sometimes brilliant, sometimes awful, but always insane Aqua Teen Hunger Force.  It features Zakk Wylde!

Here are the lyrics:

Deep within the womb of time,
a creature thus be born
The seed of life is united with
the egg of tyranny
Gestates forth from within the womb of life
for three-quarter and nigh a year
The creature thus be born!
The creature thus be formed!
And ye of years ... bells will chime!
When the heavens open up
and drink from the silver cup
The creature thus be born!
And blow the magic horn!
To alert the spirit deep within the cycle of life.
The creature has begun it's journey deep forlorn,
upon this day which he be formed
In the sea of mucus the spirit rides down from the mountain
and unites with the creature in the womb
A holy union, dark mortality, until the dark mortality
breaks the chain of life
The creature thus be born
And every year raineth down the celebratory tears
A celebration of the years from mere mortal sky


Hans said...

Happy birthday, Jim! :)

Chuffer said...

Crazy video - happy birthday Jim!

jeff p said...

Happy (belated) Birthday!