Friday, July 1, 2011

Introducing … Chuffer

Hello all, my name’s Chuffer. I’ve been following this blog for a couple of years now and really enjoyed the reviews and discussions posted. Jim has generously allowed me to contribute, so I’ll be adding my own weekly reviews to the blog.
A little bit about myself: I’ve been a fan of Transformers since the beginning, starting with the toys when I was six, and getting into the UK comic a year or two later. This proved a gateway into various other UK titles (more of which below), the US Transformers comic, and eventually the whole mighty Marvel merchandising machine until my bookshelves were groaning at the seams.
Once the G1 comic came to the end of its run, I drifted away from Transformers, returning periodically to gorge on collected works of Generation 2 and Dreamwave, and watch a few episodes of Beast Wars and Energon. The IDW series, and websites like this, have gone a long way to reigniting my love of the Robots in Disguise.
In the real world, I write and edit websites, though none as fun as this; I live in England (apologies in advance if you don’t spell ‘colour’ the same way I do); and yes, my username was taken from the foolish Autobot who did not heed the sound advice of J’Muk and wandered into Kalis for a ‘hi-and-die’.
As for the subject of my reviews, I’ll be covering the adventures of Death’s Head, that sardonic, ruthless, freelance peacekeeping agent who beat up a few Transformers in the 1980s, got his own series, then bounced in and out of various other titles. Created by Simon Furman and Geoff Senior, this mechanoid bounty hunter with the dry wit and the detachable hand was a huge favourite of mine. He’s already appeared in Bishbot’s UK reviews, so I’ll be picking up where he leaves the Transformers universe, covering his limited series and every guest appearance, keeping to the chronology set by the collected works.
Should be fun, yes?


Carcass said...

Welcome! DH has always been a favourite of mine; I look forward to enjoying your reviews.

Anonymous said...

Assuming you're doing DH now because of how his stuff branches off from roughly this point in Bish's TF:UK reviews, playing 6 degrees of continuity as it were, will your Death's Head Timeline cover the whole Dragon's Claws series in detail, per chance? I know you don't want to get on a slippery slope, and obviously you wouldn't review every Doctor Who and FF comic because of his guest spots there, but Dragon's Klaws only lasted 10 issues, right? Did that entire future world have any appearances outside of their book and DH's? Since DH did spend much of his early adventures there, it might be a worthwhile detour. Just wondering.

Chuffer said...

I'll be using the Death's Head collected works as my guide for the reviews, so will cover Dragon's Claws #5 in a couple of weeks, but not any of the other issues (9 other non-DH issues seems a bit too much for a series on Death's Head).

I'm a big fan of the Dragon's Claws series, however, so maybe that's one the future. And yes, I think 'Earth 8162' only appeared in Dragon's Claws and Death's Head.

First Aid said...

without death's head- no lockdown?! Come to think of it an Animated Death's head might be interesting. look forward to your reviews- cute style.

Anonymous said...

Man, that picture reminds me of how much I love Dan Reed's art. People sometimes wonder how Jack Kirby would have handled TFs and I think Dan Reed is the answer to that. I look forward to your reviews!