Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Ark Addendum - Tantrum's Transform

As promised, the fifth and final chapter in a series examining the detailed transformation sequences of the Predacons

In some ways, I tired to save the best for last.  Tantrum has two nicely detailed call-outs that show exactly how his panels shift about to enable him to turn from robot to buffalo.  (Note: there seems to be some confusion about his alt mode, but his instructions clearly identify him as a buffalo.)

Hope you enjoyed this in-depth look at the Predacons and how they transform.  Next week... umm.... I'm not sure yet.  Maybe something from Headmasters or Masterforce.  Hope you'll join me then!


Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for these character sheets! The Predacons are one of my favorite Decepticon Gestalts. Are there any such character sheets for the Combaticons? Just wondering.

Jimtron said...

Do they exist? Almost certainly. Do I have them? Sadly no, though I DO (oddly) have the transform sequence for Swindle... from jeep to leg!

cat joint health said...

I would love to have that character sheet. Thanks for sharing.