Sunday, January 9, 2011

Powermaster Sentinel Magnus

I love me some Sentinel Prime, so when Sso02V over on DeviantArt posted up this design, I was all over it.  He took the Powermaster Optimus Prime armor that would have debuted in Season Four of Animated and removed all that messy old Optimus, inserting in the coolest character in the show.  This isn't arbitrary, by the way, the in-story reason for the upgrade was that Sentinel Prime gathered together the old Project Omega braintrust to build himself an upgrade.  Optimus would have little choice but to use it to thwart the Decepticon menace.  But, what if the intended owner got to keep it, eh?  Well, it might look something like this!  Head on over to his page to check it out in high-rez.

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Sso02V said...

I can't really take all the credit. The pictures used to make this composite were from the Almanacs themselves.