Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Ark Addendum - Roll For It (part 3)

Another week, another Ark Addendum.  I've been super busy this week, working on some Transformers-related stuff that I hope to be able to talk about soon.  What it means is that I haven't had as much time to work on these.  I had originally intended to save part 3 and 4 of Roll For It for a few more weeks, to keep things broken up.  (Webworld was a fun two weeks, but the feedback seemed to lean towards more variety.)

The backgrounds of Roll For It are very typical of the first season.  Lots of rolling desert-scapes, the occasional stand-alone structure like a science lab or a hydrothermal generator.

It's a pretty nice science lab, and when I get to part IV we'll go to the various cool gizmos inside.  I rather appreciate both the water tower, the telescope and all the various antennae on the roof.  It certainly feels sciency!


D.M said...

BTW, could you eventually post that Megatron model sheet seen on the new G1 DVD release?


Jimtron said...

Hey, DM. I try to reserve the blog for brand-new material. The Megatron model was published in The Ark, The Complete Ark and on the excellent Shout! Factory DVDs.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jim

I loved The Complete Ark and I've been printing out and collecting all the Ark Addenda. However, my love of all things Masterforce is the reason I'm doing it, and I'm just collecting the rest for completeness. (I was never into the Sunbow cartoons.) I get a real kick whenever I check on a Tuesday and find you've done another Masterforce sheet. I'm always wondering if you'll be filling the gaps so that eventually we'll have a full cast of MF transformations and weapons... and if you'll tackle any of the big transformation sequences such as King Poseiden! Anyway, keep up the good work! There are appreciative lurkers out here...


Jimtron said...

Hey, Martin. I have plenty more Masterforce. Eventually I'll post transformation sequences for most of the characters. I think I've got most of the headmasters, pretenders and godmasters. No Overlord , Grand Maximus or Black Zarak though, nor King Poseiden or Sixknight.

D.M said...


Oh yeah, I completely forgot about Complete Ark having aditional models. :P