Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Ark Addendum - Road King's Transform

Welcome to another edition of The Ark Addendum.  Since the last transform I posted was kinda blah, I figured that this week I'd find one that unambiguously gets it right.  So, from the Masterforce conflict, Road King!

Road King, the British Wolf, was a celebrity racer when he was discovered by the Cybertrons.  He had been, unknowingly, using the Godmaster qualities of his car for some time before joining the struggle against Devil Z and his Destron armies.  This Transform emphasizes his speed, especially in the first panel.  Can't you just feel the wind on your face?

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Sam said...

This is awesome Jim! Love seeing this stuff! Hope you are well.

How's The Allspark Almanac Volume 2 going?