Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Ark Addendum - War of the Dinobots

Another week, another edition of The Ark Addendum. This week, I thought I'd cycle back to season one with the classic episode, War of the Dinobots.

This episode features the introduction of Snarl and Swoop. I've always been a bit intrigued by the choice to split up the introduction of the Dinobots into two unrelated episodes. Generally Transformers introduced a team all at once. If it took two episodes to do so, they were generally a two-part episode. The Dinobots, though, warranted special treatment.

The actual models available to me for this episode mostly concern the unstable meteor that comes to Earth. I have both the meteor itself and the observatory where it was detected.

Finally, the We Dream For Jeanne charity auction of my Transformers wedding cake topper is up today. I must say, I'm impressed and humbled by the response that has already been demonstrated - currently, as of about 1:00 AM on 10/13/09, it's up to $105.50 with 15 hours left to go. To everyone who's put in a bit, my sincere gratitude. And again, if you win, please drop me a line and I'll see if I can't throw in a little something extra. Don't forget to drop by the We Dream For Jeanne blog for more information about the cause.


Colin said...

The Addendums look straight out of the Ark. Are they leftover for which there was not space or are you sprucing them up for us on your own?

Jimtron said...

Hey there, Colin. It depends - some of these pages I made up for one of the Ark books but couldn't use, some of them I whip up just for the blog. I like to keep a good mix of Transformations, weapons, backgrounds, and characters so that there is always some variety.