Monday, June 1, 2009

Iván's gallery: Scrapper

WOW! Just ... wow! BotCon was a total blast. I got the chance to meet many people I've been speaking to on-line for months, sometimes years. I was able to renew old acquaintances and make new professional contacts. In particular, it's always fun to hang out with the IDW crew - they've really assembled an awesome team of artists, writers, colorists and all-around cool guys (and gals!).

I was also able to pick up some new model packs, just a few of which may make it into The Complete Ark. Oh, and I was able to announce some specifics about both upcoming books. The Complete Ark will be the manga-sized volume, much like The War Within Omnibus. It will feature about a dozen extra pages, but mostly it's just what you've seen before in The Ark and The Ark II. The AllSpark Almanac, on the other hand, will be over 200 pages of Animated Awesomeness! The book is written almost entirely from an in-universe persepctive. We showed off some pages for Optimus Prime, Swindle, Autobot Boot Camp and an out-of-universe interstial page on lighting. I even got to field a few questions during the panel - one about this blog. (Question: will the material on the blog be going into a book? Answer: probably not, but I've got plenty of other books left in me!)

Anyway, here's this week's installment of Iván's gallery. This week he brings us Scrapper. Here is what the artist has to say about him:

Scrapper was the first character that I liked in transformer universe...the shape of your helmet is a bit .. uuu...?, enigmatic. And also I realized that usually I like the transformers without mouth. But Scrapper was a great leader, just sorry that was so helpful, and to be the leader's position in the gestalt was somewhat confusing, i explain it, leaders were usually forms the centerpiece of the gestalts, Bruticus = Onslaugt, Razorclaw is the chest of Dinoking etc. .. but Scrapper was the right foot .... although it is an unimportant detail, I always thought it would be bigger toy.

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