Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Queeg Mountain

One of the fun parts of BotCon this year was catching up with all the folks I've met over my career. One such person is Paul Davids, writer extraordinaire, who provided many models that grace the pages of this blog and indeed The Complete Ark. (Check out his webpage at www.pauldavids.com).

Anyway, one of the interesting pieces that he provided, which isn't likely to make it into the sorts of books that I make, was a background painting from an episode that he wrote, Chaos. I love the level of detail in this painting. Hope you enjoy!


James Snelgrove said...

I would absolutely buy a book of just this kind of thing.

D.M said...

That reminds me of my fave Red Dwarf episode. :D

Superb painting. :)

BTW, do you maybe have background paintings of planet Cybertron?

Jimtron said...

That was a good episode. I thought it would have been nice to have Queeg show up again - after all, Dwane Dibbly and Ace Rimmer managed to appear again.

No BG paintings for Cybertron in my collection - only a VERY few BG paintings total.

Anonymous said...

Oh, God, I would totally buy a book of background paintings. Background paintings are a lost art.