Monday, June 29, 2009

Iván's Gallery: Contest Cover

This week's edition of Iván's Gallery features a cover that he did as part of a contest. Here's what he has to say about it:

Well, I did a cover for a contest ... Nothing more... but I must say that quite enjoy making it, I go well with Doublecross, although it was the first time that I draw it. I try to cover works with or without color, I worry too much or that it was very rich in textures and details... I also had to draw Scrapper, one of my favorite characters, and down we can see Cliffjumper, but I think if I had a color version to be better. Perhaps I'll paint it in a future.


Zobovor said...

Pretty sure that's Windcharger down there, not Cliffjumper. Still, this is an exceptional piece—Doublecross has always been my favorite Monsterbot. (The little metal tongue is a nice touch.)

Carlos said...

Haha, the contest was about drawing Doublecross, Scrapper AND Windcharger, Iván just made a mistake with the comment :P

Really nice cover!

Anonymous said...

I wish you would be the regular artist on a Transformers book. You are the best there is, better than Figuerora.

Simply wow.