Monday, December 1, 2008

Iván's Gallery: Star Saber

This week,  Iván brings us a beautiful Star Saber.  Here is what he has to say about it:

Star saber is a character who I always liked a lot, along with Desazaras. Unfortunately there are not many toys of this robot (in comparison with Prime).

The truth is that I think that Victory had the most attractive character designs.  I liked them all ...Although some toys do not do the characters justice.

I would love to see a series of comics with these characters (IDW take note! Jim, you make the script and I'll draw it!) Hehhe is a joke, actually the problem is that maybe, this series is not well known outside of japan, like Masterforce.  Another difficulty may be that Victory, like Masterforce, differs too much from the pure G1.

Besides that, neither the animation and the figures were distributed much outside of japan.
I think there is a good opportunity to show the rest of the world these characters ,.... There is an entire universe to explore.  Of course, we would have to tweak the concepts and make them not so .. as it were ... Japanese, more universal.

There are many people who do not know that series, but nevertheless when they see it, they are happy.  I do not deny Prime Megatron Jazz etc rock ... but I've been seeing for 25 years the same characters, and I want "new metal", new stories etc.

Rodimus I personally never liked as a leader, like I never liked Shockwave for example, but .... Starsaber me as a very worthy leader or follower height of the mythical Prime, in design, in character, or power.... I love this character.... ALL HAIL STARSABER !


Anonymous said...

I actually agree with the idea of telling new stories with these TF characters who may be unfamiliar to the average fan but would not doubt be just as popular. There were hints in the old Dreamwave series that someday some of the MF or Victory characters might show up, but we all know what happened to Dreamwave. I know the concern is that only G1 names sell books and numbers are key, but there could always be room for a limited series, or just slowly introduce some of the Japanese-only characters to the new IDW universe. I love the G1 era but could really get into a comic series which explores the further reaches of TFs...

Jimtron said...

I'd be all for it. Actually, I've written up a script for Spotlight: Overlord that, who knows, may someday be in fine comic book shops everywhere.

Anonymous said...

And IDW should hire real experts in that matter like, say, Jim Sorenson or, uhm... yours truly ;)

Anonymous said...

Would Spotlight: Overlord have the Powermasters or be independant of those?

Jimtron said...

The script I wrote ignored the Powermaster aspect. I didn't want to try to define a whole area of the IDW verse. And yes, I'd love to do a book of comic only designs, I love the works of E.J. Su, Don Figueroa, Guido Guidi and the others who have reconfigured our classic heroes. I'll run it by my editor . . . when I have more of AllSpark Almanac to show him! (I don't want to get ahead of myself here)

Anonymous said...

By all means Jim, finish your current project first. No need to rush.

But, when you do run it by him, why not try the title "The Ark Comics Compendium" :P