Saturday, December 13, 2008

Merry Christmas with a super TF: Animated and Universe sale is giving the store away, just in time for Christmas. The largest Transformers Animated figures are 45% - 75% off!

Supreme Optimus Prime - $28which I believe qualifies for free shipping. That's the giant one, folks, down from $50.

Leader class Megatron - $16down from $40. This is the largest Megatron Animated toy.

Leader class Bulkhead - $13down from $40. This toy rocks, and comes with a Headmaster add-on that changes his voice.

There are some other good deals, like Voyager Starscreamfor $15, down from $24, or Voyager Megatron (the Cybertronian one) for $9, also down from $24, but those three are the best ones. Maybe this'll make Christmas shopping a little lighter on the wallet for you.

UPDATE: Some of the larger Universe toys are also marked down quite a lot: Powerglide - $10normally $25. Blaster - $9down from $22, Onslaught - $18down from $25, Heavy Load - $14down from $22, Dropshot - $9 down from $22 and Blades - $15 down from $22. 'Tis the season, right?

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Zobovor said...

Looks like Amazon has jacked some of their prices back up since these toys originally went on sale. (I went ahead and ordered some of 'em anyway. Eleven bucks for Classics Powerglide is still a bargain.)