Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Ark Addendum - Day of the Machines

In honor of Iván's nifty Day of the Machines movie poster, I bring you The Ark Addendum: Day of the Machines. It features some of the background models from that episode. The Quantum Compound, home to Quantum Laboratories, is where TORQ III resides. It's defenses proved woefully inadequate against Megatron. Once Megatron overwrote TORQ III 's personality with his own, he was able to use it to take command of machines remotely. Given the Decepticon's omnipresent need for energon, he took control of many oil tankers and directed them to a Cybertronian oil base.


Anonymous said...

Cool, another great sheet. I've always been a fan of the design sheets and series bibles, and your posts serve as a timely reminder that I must sort out what I have

Zobovor said...

Keep 'em coming, Jim! (How many of these do you have laying around, anyway?)


Jimtron said...

I love transformersanimated.com. It's a great website. If you have models that I don't have, is there any way I can persuade you to share them with me? The Ark Omnibus is coming out next year and it might be my last chance to publish G1 models from this era.

To your question, Zobovor, I can keep these coming for a long, long while.