Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Ark Addendum - Cancer's Transform

Another installment of The Ark Addendum. This week, I've been put in the mood for Masterforce by an awesome Tentakil - see yesterday's blog post. Though I don't have any extra Seacon models, I've got plenty for some of the other Destrons.

Cancer was the youngest Destron, at eleven years old. He was an interesting character, more layered than most villains in Transformers. An orphan with surrogate parents (both a sensei and Mega & Giga), a disciple of the Super Dragon Fist school of martial arts, a proud Chinese national, an unlikely friend to Minerva . . . there were many interesting aspects of his character.

His transform required quite a lot of clean-up work, so a big shout-out to my partner in crime Bill Forster for his hard work.


Anonymous said...

Masterforce is currently one of my favourite Transformers incarnations. It's kind of ludicrous, but very fun...in the same way Animated works, just without the G1 Fanwank because it WAS G1!

Actually, I keep hoping we'll see some of the Japanese Characters show up in Animated. I hear rumblings of Dai Atlas being in Season3, and, well, I really hope if he is that you can get him in to the Allspark Almanac (do I have the right title there?)

Also, HUZZAH on Seibertron no longer having the full images and requiring people to come here.

Anonymous said...

I would quote-NuclearConvoy-for-truth if I could actually QUOTE here :P

Only Masterforce is not my favourite "currently". It's ALWAYS been my favourite ;)

Zobovor said...

Wow, this is great! The transformation sequence is one of the most fascinating aspects of character models because it's a facet almost exclusive to Transformers. When I was a kid, I used to watch the cartoon and try to figure out how some of the toys transformed based on how they transformed on TV. (Clearly, this was a mistake. Probably led to a lot of my current mental problems, come to think of it!)