Wednesday, December 24, 2008


I'm taking a few days off of Blogging for the holidays. Rest assured, more models, reviews and artwork will be forthcoming after the holidays. In the meanwhile, have a MAXIMUM Christmas.


Anonymous said...

If I could have a giant robot head for Christmas, I so totally would!

Merry Christmas!

monkeytoad said...

Happy Holidays!

My Christmas wish is to know what the hell is up with Predaking's head in the G1 TV show? And in the Ark?

It's like it's on backwards. There's no eye visor of faceplate. You must have some info on this.

Please answer this for the children of the world.


Jimtron said...

Hmmm . . . well, there were two Predaking heads in the US, and both models showed up in the US cartoon. It looks like the artist really picked up on the two ridges and emphasized those. I'm not sure why.

Of course, in Zone he got an all-new head design, one with big eyes and bushy eyebrows! Poor Predaking.

monkeytoad said...

Thanks Jimtron.

Though I still don't get the alternate face design with no face. Quite off. Those Zone models are crazy...