Monday, December 22, 2008

Iván's Gallery: Megatron!

This week Iván brings us: Megatron! Here is what he has to say about it:

Since I was a kid, Megatron was my favorite transformer. I was always attracted by the designs with a helmet recollections of those who used the Germans during the Second World War, is not strange that i like characthers for example, Judge Death or cobra commander, I think these designs are very elegant.
So I decided to do a tribute to the decepticon leader in a typical posture.
I did it with a black pen and pencil, when I worked in construction sector.


Bishbot said...

Oh that's awesome. Not exactly a redesign, but an expression you don't see much on Megatron's face. I love the almost T-1000, Silver Surferlike gleam to his armour, as though it were a bit more alive than simply plates of metal.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely Silver Surfer! Good choice, Jim :)

Anonymous said...

Too liquid looking and too much human looking.