Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Ron Friedman auctions - Scripts! (Part 4 of many)

For today's scripts, we go deep into season one, with scripts from the first half of the season.  That's seven, count 'em, seven scripts from Ron Friedman's collection.

Episode 1: Transport to Oblivion -
Episode 2: Roll for It -
Episode 3: Divide and Conquer -
Episode 4: Fire in the Sky -
Episode 5: S.O.S. Dinobots -
Episode 6: Fire on the Mountain -
Episode 7: War of the Dinobots -

Hope you enjoy!


D.M said...

Superb! :D

Anonymous said...

Old news but "Note: *Billy has been renamed Chip" and in the cast list 'Billy Case'. Probably just wanted to make it less obvious who the character was based on.