Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Ark Addendum - A Prime Problem and Ron Friedman scripts

Time for another edition of The Ark Addendum, picking up where  Transformers: The Complete Ark  (order it today!)  leaves off.  This week, I focus on the episode A Prime Problem, where the Decepticons clone Optimus Prime and attempt to lead the Autobots into a deadly ambush.

Sadly, this page is just a tad sparse.  The most interesting model from this episode, the autoscout, I already included in the Ark books, so I won't be reproducing it here.  There's a control helmet for the autoscout, though, that is shown here for the first time.

The choice of episodes was not entirely random.  I'm also including another Ron Friedman script.  This one, like the script to Enter the Nightbird, is incomplete, chopping off both the beginning and the end of the episode.  Still, it's an interesting piece of Transformers history.  Hope you enjoy!

A Prime Problem script - incomplete: http://www.mediafire.com/?y7ahzqledq5494d


D.M said...

Hmmm... deleted Rumble scene is... bit confusing. It seems to have served as an explanation as to why Autobots couldn't figure out which Prime was a fake. :|

Caleb Barber said...

It's true, the Autoscout was the coolest part of the episode (design wise anyway)- I think it fit well with the established mythology of Transformers, being a cassetticon that is. Seeing other aspects of the universe like this was always interesting. You may call this assortment of models sparse but I'd say that it's still three more we've never seen before, so nicely done. That camouflaged rocket base & crystals are pure Floro Dery, no mistaking it.

If I had to guess I'd say Toei did not animate this episode (based on the style) but whoever did also animated Auto-berserk. I think they did an excellent job, especially with the Korlonium crystal lighting. Characters were very 'on-model' too.

By the way- I heard it mentioned Millennium might get reviewed? One of my other all-time favorites, it really put itself on the map when it first came out (especially for it's tragically short run). I'm one of those who'd love to see it made into a movie. I hope Bish decides to write about it but irregardless there always seems to be a reason to visit the blog.

As always, thank you for the continually excellent content.

Carcass said...

If I may point out, that helmet wasn't used to control the autoscout at all in that episode. They are the silly helmets which Megatron and Starscream wear to control the facsimile constructs of Prime and Starscream himself.

Jimtron said...

D'oh! Of course you're right. Though, in my defense, I'm looking at the model sheet and not the episode.