Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Iván's Gallery: Goshooter

After a break of several months, guess who's back? That's right, Iván has started some drawing again, which allows me to bring you another installment of Iván's gallery.  This week, he tackles Goshooter, AKA Siren.  Here's what he has to say about the piece:

 One friend, at work I wonder how to draw Transformers.

So I did this.

It was a panel from one page to a Masterforce comic, what I have in head for some time.

Not that you look like you, maybe too serious, is not what we are accustomed, except for Don who lately decided to draw more style "movie", though I do not completely to my taste, too far from G.1.

In any case, as can be seen, preserved the basic physical features of the series.
Also I work hard the line, details, and shadows, so I think it is a drawing color if given, can only win because he has a good base.

I think this type of style or design, when combined with a human style, in the artistic direction of the style of JG. Jones and Bryan Hitch, in addition, would make a Transformers comic was seen with ... "different eyes".

And not get me wrong, but the type of illustration with "line art" is not that I do not like simply prefer this other because it has other connotations and conveys a number of other things to the reader.

In any case I hope you enjoy it.

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