Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Ark Addendum - Autobot Spike

I had a bit more time than I thought for AllSpark Almanac, so I can relax a hair and do another blog update. This week, another installment of The Ark Addendum. The episode Autobot Spike was the 2nd season premiere. In it, Spike's mind was transferred in the body of Autobot X, an amalgam robot made from extra Autobot parts. The actual character design for Autobot X is awesome and fortunately made it into The Ark V1, but the backgrounds for the episode I had no room for. The rocket base isn't bad, but to my mind the really cool models are Dr. Frankenstein's castle, interior and exterior. Oh, and I ask you to keep in mind that this really wasn't a finished page. (I use the word temporarily twice, and have a stand-in for the page reference.)

I'm of mixed feeling about including a snippet of the movie Frankenstein in the episode. On the one hand, it's clear that the writer, Donald Glut, was homaging the classic story of science gone awry. For heaven's sake, Autobot X has neck bolts! In that mind, putting a bit of the source material in can work. On the other hand, directly including the movie is so un-subtlety that it has a sledgehammer-esque quality.

I hope you all enjoy! Back to work for me.


Anonymous said...

I'm afraid this episode didn't do much for me - I caught it on DVD years later and it compared badly with a similar plot from the UK comics ("Robot Buster" - looking forward to the review btw).

The idea of Spike as a transformer (or technically, just a robot, since he had no alt mode - what a missed opportunity!) was interesting, but I think they got too carried away with Spike's 'Frankenangst' – too much moaning and smashing things. I would have preferred to see what the life of an Autobot warrior would be through Spike's eyes/optic sensors.

But great images though – thanks for posting!

Anonymous said...

That castle is beautiful!

Also "The Megatron" made me laugh :P

Jimtron said...

Yeah, that's what happens without editing. Probably was going to be 'the Decepticons' and I changed my mind.

Anonymous said...

Art is incredible, especially when you consider this was for a part in the episode that was only a few seconds long.

More please :^).

monkeytoad said...

Awesomeness. Autobot Spike is the best weirdest episode ever and I frigging loved his weird voice and how his personality deteriorated and I love the mismatched design character model they used and I'm dying for a toy of him and wonder what the hell his alt mode would be and if transforming into it would have killed him. Thanks for including this. Those Frankenstein layouts are quite nice.