Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Ark Addendum - Yukikaze's Transform

Well, it's about that time again.  Yup, it's another Ark Addendum.  This week, I round out the Trainbots, with the transformation sequence for Yukikaze.

BTW, Yukikaze translates roughly to "Snow Breeze."  It's a fairly common name in Anime and Manga, especially for cold-based characters.  The name itself would be reused in Beast Wars II as the space ship (non-sentient) for the Maximals.  Oh, and speaking of, Beast Wars II is coming out on DVD, finally.  I guess I'll be able to dump my old commercial VHS tapes of it.  If we're very lucky, maybe Shout!Factory will release a sub of it.


Victory Leo said...

Wait... BW II? On DVD? Finally! I still have all my BW II and BW Neo tapes I bought back in 2001 in Akihabara and I love both those shows! Thanks for the update!

Victory Leo

Anonymous said...

I seem to remember an announcement from Shout Factory that the only reason they weren't considering putting Japanese BW on DVD was a lack of digital masters, so if we all buy the complete Takara G1 collection and American BW box sets, I'm guessing we'll see them in a year or two. I've never seen anything but BWII the movie and the first 3 eps of Neo. I mean if there's enough of a market to resell the American BW stuff after the Rhino DVDs, how could there not be a market for Beast Wars series that have never been seen this side of the Pacific?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for another fine transformation sequence, Jim. I really appreciate these. Please keep 'em coming - filling in some of the gaps in the Headmasters and Masterforce sets in particular would be great!


Transformers At The Moon said...

Another great post Jim. I'll have a check through my character sheets, as I bought some more since the last time I spoke to you about them just in case I have any of the missing ones.

The release of Beast Wars II does suggest, to me, that Shout Factory will release it as it seems a little strange otherwise for it to suddenly be released but I'm not going to wait myself just in case even if Japanese DVDs are notoriously expensive