Thursday, June 21, 2012

eBay-alicious Transformers auctions

Howdy, guys!  I'm going to be moving soon, to sunny Albuquerque so that my wife can practice surgery there.  Exciting, no?  I'm looking forward to a lot more space in our new home. 

That said, I'm taking advantage of the move to do some housekeeping, and that means I've got some auctions going.  Some are of pretty general interest, like my BotCon 2007 set (boxed and loose). You can see the complete list here.

There is something kind of unique I'm selling off, though.  I found some of the original pitch documents that Bill and I used to present the concept to Hasbro and to IDW Publishing.  These were printed by us and spiral bound, to give a nice sense as to what The Ark might look like.  It's pretty close to the final disposition, no?  Anyway, I threw one up for $40, if you're interested I think it'd be nice for it to find a home.


D.M said...

Studio Ox Dino's! :D

D.M said...

Wait a minute... is that Soundwave with a mouth?! It IS an actual model sheet? O.o

Anonymous said...

Dang I didn't see this~ Is this still available?