Monday, June 11, 2012

The horror that is B.O.T. (And, you know, Farscape Geekwatch)

Do you know B.O.T.? Final episode of season 2 of the Transformers?  If you do know it, you know how gutcrunchingly bad it is.  If not, well, perhaps you should check it out and enjoy it the same way you might enjoy a train wreck trying to mate with pandemic.

ALTERNATIVELY, you can... NOT watch it, and spare yourself the agony.  Perhaps you can allow these funny men and muppets to watch it for you.  M Sipher, Vangelus, Derrick J. Wyatt, and Trent Troop put together a review that's well worth a gander.  Look for my cameo.

Also, another Farscape Geekwatch.  This is another classic episode, S01E07: PK Tech Girl.  Not too much in the way of sci-fi references, though John opens the episode by wondering why they aren't heading away at "warp a thousand." He's mentioned tractor beams before, but in a much more serious way, so I didn't count them, but this feels like a real in-universe Trek reference so I'll list it.

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