Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Ark Addendum - Misfire's Transform

After a few weeks of Madman's Paradise, I thought we should head back to the anime.  This week, I finish off the Destron targetmaster transformation sequences.

This is a pretty nice one. I especially like the fact that the start and end points are new models, as opposed to recycled the standard bot or jet mode. 

In other news, I just sent in the final version of the  The G.I. Joe Field Manual: Volume 1 (preorder it today) to IDW.  Volume One should be excellent, and I've already started Volume Two.  Transformers Legacy, meanwhile, is in the final phases of content acquisition. I'm still hunting, so if you've got pieces I'm missing, definitely drop me a line.


Hans said...

"Finish off the Targetmasters"?

I think I missed Triggerhappy... when was his transformation posted?

Really like this one!!

Jimtron said...

Last September:


Hans said...

Ah, thanks Jim! I was in the south of France at the time, so I really did miss it!

Anonymous said...

Filling in the Ark Addendum gaps - much appreciated, Jim.