Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Ark Addendum - Madman's Paradise 4 (and Farscape: Geekwatch)

Madman's Paradise continues!  This week, it's monsters working for The Red Wizard and some cool siege gear.  Four down, one to go!

The Farscape Geekwatch continues! A juicy one in S01E06: Thank God it's Friday... Again.

"Oh, yeah, I think I've seen this one. Mel Gibson, Tina Turner...cage match."

This is a nice Mad Max reference, even if it is to Thunderdome.  (John even mocks it, saying that no one saw the third one.)

Work on Transformers Legacy continues! I've been in touch with two more of the original artists, who have agreed to share their perspectives.  I've closed many gaps in my holding.  At this point, I'm missing fewer than 25 pieces to complete the US G1 lineup.  (Most of the gaps are Action Masters.)  I aim to get a few more this week too.

Work with the Transformers Collectors' Club continues! I just submitted a one-page article featuring... well, you'll just have to see.  It'll be cool.

That's it!  OctusJim Out!


D.M said...

Shouldn't it be "Wooden Golems" instead of "Wooden Golums"? :P

Jimtron said...

You see, D.M., the thing about that is... SHUT UP!!!

I mean... I uploaded a corrected file. Thanks for helping me to crowd-source the editorial process.

Roadstripe said...

The similarity between the wood golems and Transformer robot bodies is interesting, a foreshadowing of Mara-Al-Utha's final reveal.

Jimtron said...

Keenly observed, Roadstripe! I hadn't picked up on that.