Thursday, February 23, 2012

Cybertronian Optical Code, revealed!

Thanks to the tireless Chris McFeely, his Annotated AllSpark Almanac Addendum is now updated!  Boy, that's a lotta alliteration!

The exciting bit for me is that he cracked my C.O.C., a new cipher I made up just for him, more or less.  Didn't figure out that clue, eh?  Cybertronian Optical Code, from the episode Decepticon Air!   I figured I'd make it not too tricky, so it's a simple variation on Morse code, with circles for dots and half-circles for dashes.  To make it slightly harder, I rotated the half-circles around at random, but the orientation is meaningless except to separate upper from lowercase letters.

If anyone is interested, you can download Cybertronian Optical Code here.

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