Sunday, February 5, 2012

LA Ink - Redux

So, I was browsing through my documents when what did I find but the original license granted to Bill and to LA Ink about his tattoo.  I thought I'd share parts of it.  I don't think it's appropriate to share all of the various legalese, but the opening paragraphs lay out the basic purpose of the document.

For those of you who don't remember, Bill posted here about his experiences getting the cover of  Transformers: The Ark Volume 2 (order it today!) tattooed on his chest... on cable TV.  This was actually pretty difficult to set up.  You see, in order for LA Ink to be allowed to show a picture of a Transformer on their show, they had to have legal permission from Hasbro to do so.  We approached our editors at IDW to see if they could help make it happen.  The editors put us in touch with the Hasbro legal team, who were absolutely stellar and made it happen.  Bill might be the only person in the world with a licensed character tattooed on him and an actual license from the company permitting it.  I think that's boffo.

By the way, it's a 4th season episode of the show called "Feelings Rule."  You can download it from if you like.  You can also watch Bill's segment right here:

Kinda awesome, no?

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Anonymous said...

Japanese Transformer names are a bit embarrassing. As cool as that Transformer is, it is too bad Bill Forster has to say "Victory Leo" when someone asks him what the character's name is.

It's nobody's fault. Japanese Transformer names were never meant to be cool sounding to English speakers.