Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Ark Addendum - Decepticon Headquarters, Cybertron

It's Tuesday, which means I get a guilt-free break from G.I. Joe in order to bring you another Ark Addendum.  This week, I started off looking at doing an Ultimate Doom addendum.  After all, I still have Part 3 from that three parter to finish of.  However, an opportunity to be a bit more focused presented itself, so I took it.  From both Ultimate Doom and its sequel, Countdown to Extinction, I had a number of views of the Decepticon headquarters on Cybertron.  In fact, the nicest of these wound up in The Complete Ark, but I had more.  Hope you enjoy!


D.M said...

So the aerial view of the space bridge was designed for Ultimate Doom? Huh... odd that it wasn't used until the first episode of Headmasters.

Anonymous said...

Has Anyone thought to Take these Awesome Ideas/Drawings and transform them (no pun meant) into an Actual 3d Base?

Anonymous said...

There are all kinds of models of Cybertron and various characters at the Google 3D Warehouse. Popular subject matter.