Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Ark Addendum - Autobot Bunker

Howdy, y'all! Last week I got the first draft of The G.I. Joe Field Manual to IDW Publishing for editing.  That's why, I'm sorry to say, I skipped the Addendum.  Busy with deadline pressure.  This week, though, despite my impending flight, I wanted to bring you a nice one.  I thought the Autobot Bunker from Auto-Berserk rather fit the bill.

I did something I don't always do... I left in all the original notes.  They're pretty tiny, but I actually didn't shrink them at all from my originals.  These models come from Paul Davids, who was Production Coordinator on the Sunbow Transformers cartoon.  He had a big pile of mostly landscapes, 3-5 to a page.  Obviously they were considerably smaller than the original art, which would be at least a full 8.5x11 page, sometimes more.  Usually the notes don't add much, but in this case I thought they gave interesting insight and so I left them in. 

Hope you enjoy! 

In other news, I fly off to jolly old England in less than eight hours, attending the Roll Out Roll Call convention as a guest.  If you can get to Southampton this weekend, I'd love to meet you. (I get back next Tuesday night, so I may have to skip again next week depending on how busy I am and how much internet access I have in the U.K. )

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Anonymous said...

I only recall one other time where I saw an Autobot arsenal, which was in 'The Immobilizer' and this is the first time I've ever seen an open multi-leveled area for the Autobots. The style is reminiscent of Cybertron- like the notes by the way. Enjoy your travels.