Friday, March 9, 2012

G.I. Joe podcast

Heads up, faithful readers!  I'm on a Joe podcast this week, G.I. Joe Declassified.  I go into more detail about The Field Manual.  Give it a listen.  The same folks are doing a contest to give away some autographed copies of the book when it comes out, so read about the details here.

And don't forget, Roll Out Roll Call convention this weekend.  Visit me in Southampton and say hi.


Anonymous said...

While I've always had more interest in Transformers then G.I. Joe, the ARAH animated series is something I thoroughly enjoyed growing up. In fact I always wanted to see some kind of definitive cross-over within the shows.

The Field Manual is definitely a book I'll be picking up. I hope your able to fill the gaps in your collection.

Anonymous said...

Oh and one other thing...

With respect to the genius of Bruce Timm, I greatly miss the days of animation using detailed model sheets/styles to animate by. This sort of thing they sadly don't do anymore which I guess we can credit Toei Doga for handling so well. So many times, more often then not, they elevated the quality of material they were involved with.