Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Ark Addendum - Ranger's Transform AND The G.I. Joe Field Manual up for pre-order

First off, G.I. Joe news!   The G.I. Joe Field Manual: Volume 1  is now available for pre-order on Amazon.com!  Let's get those pre-orders rolling in, send IDW a strong message that there really is a demand for this sort of art book. 

In other news, very busy helping my wife through the final stages of the interview process.  She's finishing up her Trauma/Critical Care Surgery fellowship at Yale and is entering the job market proper, so we've been flying all over to check out which hospital will be the best fit.  It's distracting me from my blogging a bit, which is why I haven't written up my Roll Out Roll Call convention report, but it's coming soon.

In the meantime, I finish off the Transform sequences for the Masterforce Godmasters.  (Actually, I tell a lie.  I've got Ginrai's trailer-to-base TF somewhere, but it's a bit boring.  I suppose I should post it just for completion's sake.)  It's a pretty nice one, I hope you enjoy!


Anonymous said...

September is a long ways off, but well worth the wait.

Good luck getting situated.

jeff p said...

In for one. Now I'm going to sit in front of the door and wait Scott Pilgrim-style.

Anonymous said...

Yay! Thank you for completing the Godmaster teams' transformation sequences. It'll be satisfying adding this one to my Ark Addendum folder.

Yes, please do Ginrai's trailer... and any chance of Wilder at some point to complete the Headmaster Juniors set...? :)

But seriously, good luck with the real life stuff.