Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Behold the mighty Trypticon!

The thirty-second issue of the Transformers Collector's Club magazine has started to mail out, and once again you'll find plenty of Jim in the pages!

First up, there's a great interview with The Main Man Derrick Wyatt that spends quite a bit of time on the second Almanac.  Many thanks to him for his kind words.

Next, there's my second article on Transformers 2010, wherein I include some lovely Studio Ox artwork for Trypticon.  I also delve into some of his capabilities, as outlined in the pages of TV Magazine.  I wouldn't have been able to do the latter without the incredibly helpful and knowledgeable Mark Pellegrini, AKA DrSpengler. When asked to write the articles, I found myself in the awkward position of having lots of cool images that haven't been published in the west before, but not so many new factoids. I was able to scrape up some info for the first article, but found myself at a loss for the second.  Fortunately, in the course of putting together The Ark II I wound up with a complete collection of high-resolution scans of the TV Magazine and Comics Bom Bom coverage of G1.  Problem: I only read a smidgen of Japanese. Enter Mark, who I've corresponded with in the past. He's about a thousand times more proficient in 日本語 than I am, and gave me some high-level summaries of the issues dealing with 2010. From there, we narrowed down our focus to a few areas of high interest.  So, a hearty thank you to Mr. Pellegrini for his help.

So, if you're a club member, look for the article. If not, head on over to and sign on up without delay. You'll get a free toy, huge discounts on BotCon attendance, an excellent magazine, a huge backlog of fiction and access to fan-only toys.

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