Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Ark Addendum - The Ultimate Doom (part three)

And here is part three of The Ultimate Doom! I rather like the expressiveness of the Cybertron-in-Earth's-orbit model, with the wind and the trees going.

I also appreciate the sheer audacity of Megatron's plan. Not only does he use ALL of the energon Shockwave has at his disposal to pull Cybertron to Earth's orbit, but he maneuvers Optimus Prime to be the actual bot who pushes the button! Oh, how deliciously evil! Mwah ha ha!!


Caleb Barber said...

These were also my favorite of all the original G1 episodes & I could argue that it made the first season much darker then the second (not to say the second season was bad, it was just different). You have to really give the writers there due; where else in the show do you see Optimus Prime the moral compass of the Autobots royally screw up, Spike completely distraught & Sparkplug totally conflicted- of course with all this high drama comes super-cheese (and bad science), but for a kids show it had allot of heavy themes & as a result great entertainment value.

Excellent Model-sheets as usual, keep them coming!

Brian said...

I wish there was a available to purchase as wall art a high quality copy of the detailed image of Cybertron from the 1st season, as seen in the pilot and "The Ultimate Doom"... such a great image!