Wednesday, April 14, 2010


So, back when Cybertron was still on the air, there was a segment on Hasbro's website called Ask Vector Prime. There's still an archive of it.

I've got this crazy, silly idea about maybe possibly trying to bring it back.  I will probably fail.  Nevertheless, if there's anything you'd like to Ask Vector Prime, please do so in my comments.  It's most likely just for fun, but hey, you never know!  Post a comment or give me an email.


Anonymous said...

Was Dion rebuilt into anybody?

jeff p said...

What are the names of the other 12 original Transformers?

Psychomud said...

Vector Prime,

1. What can I focus on more to improove my transformers related artwork?

recent reference from my DApage:

2. Is the comics/illustration industry overcrowed enough with transformers artists?