Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Ark Addendum - Autobot City concept art

It's Tuesday, and we all know what that means.  It's time for another edition of The Ark Addendum.  It's a special, double-wide spread of an issue today - the concept art for Autobot City.

Over the weekend, I got a request from a fan named Alex who was asking about artwork for Autobot city. Sadly, aside from a single, low-quality image that Floro Dery posted to his website years ago, I didn't have anything from the final version.  However, I have stumbled across this absolutely lovely image of an early, unused concept for the city.  The concept artwork is a Floro Dery hand-drawn original, on several oversized pieces of paper taped together.  In fact, the center piece of paper were oriented vertically, hence the slightly odd shape to the image.  It's an amazing piece, showcasing the extraordinary talent of the man who drew it.

Note that since the image was drawn across several pieces of paper, there are occasional discontinuities. These were present in the original drawing, so I resisted the urge to clean them up.  If there's interest, I may post some additional views of this absolutely massive piece where I zoom in close up, so that you can read the hand-written notes on the city. Let me know if that's of interest.

For those of you printing out and saving these Ark Addendums, this is designed to be printed on two 8.5x11 pieces of paper as a two-page spread. Hope you enjoy! (A big thank-you to Dell Barras for saving this piece all these years, and sharing it with me.)


Hans said...

An amazing piece for sure! I love how the structure actually continues below the "floor" of the forrests surrounding the city.

The 'closing fist' approach is interesting. This version of the city certainly looks a bit more 'alien' than the "Manhattan look" that eventually made it into the movie.

And close-ups are always appreciated! :)

Anonymous said...

Amazing image! more epic imagery like this is always welcomed! Thanks for the post.


Anonymous said...

This is amazing. Yes, please post more. :) It would be great if concepts like this could be utilized in future comics or games.


Alan^3 said...

Close-ups in which we can read the small notes are ABSOLUTELY of interest. :)

Anonymous said...

Floro Dery is selling prints of Autobot City concept art and its transformation in his daughter's Etsy store, check it out.

duxx-49956 said...

looks like a star wars level or a mega man level