Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Ark Addendum - GoShooter's Transformation

Another week, another Ark Addendum.  Since Brian took a week off of his excellent Headmaster reviews, I figured I'd take the chance to break out some Masterforce models.  And what could be more Masterforce than the HeadOn Transformation of one GoShooter?

Once again, I'm struck by how dynamic these models are.  Keep in mind, these are not storyboards, nor are they designed for external consumption.  I'm sure that whomever drew this gorgeous sequence would be shocked to find out that it was being published some twenty-two years later.  Virtually every panel is a work of art unto itself, and the overall effect is of kinetic energy harnessed for reconfiguration.  This is what a transformation sequence is all about!

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Brian said...

Very neat, thanks for posting!

I will get another HM review posted soon... :)