Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Iván's Gallery: Cobra Commander

It's time for more from Iván's Gallery. This week, Iván brings us a piece he calls 'Change.' I think it's pretty cool, a bit more serious than Cobra Commander usually manages to be. I think the military-style hat helps. Here's what Iván has to say about it:

Well, needless to say that I am inspired to do this ... While the lineup recently Obama, and I noticed the word "CHANGE", not very cool because I remembered that would be what would cobra commander, a change ... but he does not have the option of voting.
Looking at it almost seems to me something more comical than serious, a joke... -CHANGE ... please .... I'm tired of Joes .. I want to rule - hehehe
Will see that I have not drawn in the classic helmet or with the rag on his head ...
I always liked small mystery that generated the metal face .. so I am not fond of cloth on his head, but, the helmet I think it's only for the army , so I always put the hat on general or typical high command .. I think much more serious, realistic and better....... I think.

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