Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Deviating from the norm

Bill Forster has gone ahead and updated his Deviant Art gallery with the last batch of  The AllSpark Almanac II (order it today!) images.  Head on over and check out more pieces from the Great War boardgame, like Bombshell to the left (one of my favorites) and Overlord, Maccadam's heads like Chromia (who is different from the Japanese version), Project Omega captains such as Wedge, and some miscellaneous fun pieces like the Paparazzi shot of Fanzone from ALT2DAY.  Head on over, let him know what you think.


Garden Spider said...

Bombshell looks incredible. Do you have any ideas as to what his voice might sound like in Animated?

Caleb Barber said...

Continually a good place to visit for art.