Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Ark Addendum - Triggerhappy's Transformation

The summer is over, which means... 113 degrees outside?  Oh, global warming / climate change / global climate disruption... when will you ever learn?

This week's Ark Addendum veers away from the Masterforce backgrounds that I've been covering, to showcase another lovely transformation.  Yup, it's Triggerhappy, Decepticon (nee Destron) Targetmaster supreme.  As ever, I'm impressed with the level of care that are put into these strictly internal (until now) documents.  The very first image is a rather lovely shot of his jet mode, swooping in like some vast predatory bird.  Enjoy!

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jeff p said...

Next time someone asks you if it's hot enough for you, do what I do and just without smiling, answer them as if it was a serious question.

"Yes it is. Actually, it's even hotter than I would prefer. I tend to be most comfortable when the temperature is in the mid to low 80's. Unless it's humid. Than I can't tolerate much higher than the 70's. I once traveled to Florida in the summer and it was both incredibly hot and incredibly humid. That was certainly a double whammy. So I wouldn't suggest that to anyone making vacation plans.

"So, yes it is hot enough for me and I would even go as far as to say that it is TOO hot for me.

"Why do you ask, are you cold? Perhaps you should see a doctor. It could be heat stroke. Or sun stroke. I can never remember which one makes you feel cold."

(I often wonder why anyone talks to me.)