Tuesday, April 12, 2011

War of the Worlds: Promos

Well, it's been a little while since I've done a nice War of the Worlds post, what with having finished reviewing all of the episodes.  However, thanks to friend-of-the-blog The Sultan of Sarcasm, I've got a bit of new material for you, my loyal readers!  It seems that many of the promos have been uploaded to youtube, so, without further ado, the promo for the pilot:

Fun stuff. But wait, there's more! Most of the season one promos:

And, finally, the season two promos:

The Sultan points out that the major spoilers with that last one... "Who will survive" asks the narrator, while McCullough frantically states that "Norton is dead." Hmmm... I'm guessing not him! And I thought the opening credits were a big give-away!


Joanna Magnolia said...

Thanks for blogging about these, JimTron :) I wouldn't have been aware of them otherwise. I really enjoyed the nostalgia trip!

I've got myself a blog now too,
and I blogged about these promos and some other 'Worlds' stuff.


Josh Hadley said...

Hey, thanks man, I love this series and I think you used the promos I uploaded to youtube.