Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Baskets!

Happy Easter, everyone.  I figured I'd share this basket I made for my wife.  It includes Lindor chocolate carrots and bugs (ladybugs, fireflies, and bumblebees) and a traditional solid chocolate (Lindor again) bunny, marshmellow peeps, some kind of candy/marshmellow hybrid tings shaped like a duck, a bunny, and a frog, a lamb-headed Pez dispenser, a plastic egg full of Skiddles, a plastic egg full of Jelly Bellies, hard-shelled Hersheys chocolate mini-eggs, Reeses Peanutbutter eggs, Butterfinger eggs, Nestlé Crunch eggs, some gummy easter shapes, plastic grass (pink, green, and orange), and a stuffed animal monkey with bunny ears.  The basket is wood with a cloth lining.  I had a lot of fun making it. 


Kara said...

Please Help daughter had a little monkey just like that and she lost it. She is 3 and every morning she wakes up looking for it..I have looked all over the place for it and can't find it anywhere. Can you PLEASE tell me who makes it so I can go to their website and find out if they still have it. Thank you so so much!

Jimtron said...

You know, I don't know who manufactures it, but I'm pretty sure that I got it at a Rite-Aid drug store. The only trouble is, it's obviously a seasonal item, so I doubt they'd have any in stock now. But that's where I'd begin my search.