Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Ark Addendum - Incan Ruins

What an exciting week! Finally the world knows what I've been working on for the past few months. It's certainly a relief to be able to write about it openly. In fact, I'll even be doing an interview or two in the near future, so that people can pump me for information that I'm probably not allowed to share.

But on to the matter at hand. With guest-blogger Brian's recent review of The Dormant Volcano Mysteriously Erupts, detailing a disaster in Peru, I thought it would be nice to share some other Peruvian models. These models come from Fire on the Mountain and show the pyramid atop the Crystal of Power. I've got several other model sheets from this episode, so I'm sure I'll share them at some point in the future.

Also, I'd like to put out a call to help for  The AllSpark Almanac II (preorder it today!). I'd like to include a section on merchandising in the book.  I've got almost all the elements I need to do it, with one exception - I need a nice photograph of a collection of Animated merchandise.  By merchandise, I mean products besides toys, books and comics.  You know, the Animated bandages, plates, valentines stickers, underwear, backpacks, sheets, that sort of thing.  If you happen to have a bit of that stuff and would like to see your work featured in print, send me a 300 DPI photograph of it jumbled together in a pile.  It should be well lit and ideally you shouldn't really be able to tell anything about the background or surface that it was taken on.  Plain black or white works well.  I can't guarantee anything, but it's an element that I'd love to have that I'm having trouble pulling together myself.  A landscape shot will work better for my purposes. If you have any questions, please ask, and if/when I get something I can use I'll post it here so as not to have anyone spend time working on something I don't need.


Sam said...

Wow. These are some impressive layout drawings. Always loved this episode. Thanks for posting, Jim!

Hans said...

These are indeed very nice! Floro did a good job on these... (as a matter of fact, I haven't really seen anything Transformers related where he didn't do a good design job...)

Caleb Barber said...

One of my favorite episodes too- partly because of the culture & setting, I always loved the episodes where the Autobots had to travel to some far off places (even though it was through a cartoon style). Beautiful line work.