Thursday, September 3, 2015


Back at Botcon, I had the privilege to be on a panel about Transformers in Japan with my good friend Andrew Hall and Japanese Transformers artist Hayato Sakamoto. One of the things to come out of the experience was learning that Sakamoto-san had pitched an idea for Bravemasters. I loved the name and namechecked it in the pages of Ask Vector Prime. Photography was allowed during the panel, but I thought folks might appreciate a better look at the images to accompany the Bravemasters pitch.

What would the story have been about? Not really sure. But based on these images, I'd have loved to learn more. Feel free to speculate away!


drmick said...

Hey Jim, any news of upcoming Transformers books from you? Seems like a long time since the last one was announced!

Jodacul said...

Did you know that Victorion was the name of a robot from Brave Saga 2?