Friday, November 19, 2010

Ron Friedman auctions, charity, and you

Do you know the name Ron Friedman?  He's the gentleman who penned the first draft of The Transformers: The Movie.  Well, as it turns out, a large number of his files are going being auctioned off next Friday, including some character model packs, some original Transformer scripts with handwritten annotations, some early color cells, and more. 

Some of you may remember last year's charity auction for an early Toy Fare catalog.  We wound up raising over $2300 dollars in addition to purchasing the catalog and making it available to everyone.

Now, we're trying to see if lightning can strike twice.  In what started really as an effort to coordinate serious bidders to prevent working at cross purpose has blossomed into another charity drive. If you're interested in the details, you can click over to The AllSpark.  It's been 24 hours and we're at $50 from five people.  Hopefully we can snag one or more of these auctions, share them, and use what ever is left over to benefit a good charity.  (We'll be voting on which auction items to go for, and which charity we'll be choosing.)

Well, we raised over $1600 dollars, and we managed to snag at least 6 items with the help of some coalition bidders.  We also coordinated with some major TF bidders to prevent unnecessary bidding wars, and I believe that several more winners will be sharing their findings.  Thanks to all who participated; it's events like this that convince me that the TF fandom is one of the more friendly ones.


lonegamer7 said...

"earlier this year" not "last year", Jim. ;)

Treasure trove, eh? Man, I hope we can pull through.

D.M said...

TF:TM story treatment.
First draft.
Series bible.
MTMTE scripts.
^a MUST haves.

I so wish I could help... this is a chance one gets only ONCE in a lifetime. :(

Jimtron said...

Even a $5 donation helps, you know!

Anonymous said...

I will make a donation tomorrow.

I advise you to get all of the auctions that contain the TV scripts. They are 7 auctions in all that contain those. They seem cheap to get. The scripts may contain deleted scenes and alternate dialogue of episodes.

I also advise you to get the TV Series Audition Dialogue and Character notes. That too, looks cheap to get and would give a walth of behind-the-scenes information.

D.M said...

"Even a $5 donation helps, you know!"

I know, but I'm having some financial problems at the moment. :(

Anonymous said...

I just sent you a $100 donation, as promised. Unfortunately, it seems PayPal has cropped my message to you when I hit the send button. Here is my message if full.

My choices are:

1)Lot 93270 Transformers TV Series Audition Dialogue and Character Notes
2)Lot 93267 Transformers Sunbow/Hasbro Briefing Book in Red Vinyl Three-Ring Binder with Related Photographs, ...
3) Lot 93277 Transformers Fact Book in Red Vinyl Three Ring Binder with Related Promotional Material Group

I hope you can get all of the TV scripts (there are 7 auctions that have TV scripts: Lot #93264, 93265, 93266, 93268, 93269, 93275, 93276)because they may contain deleted scenes or different dialogue.

Anonymous said...

Many of us weren't able to contribute the way we would have liked to because of lack of funds.

So on behalf of us 'poor' fans who will still none the less be able to enjoy the fruits of the hard won treasure, thank you VERY much to those of you who helped.