Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Ark Addendum - Razorclaw's Transformation

Happy Tuesday!  In addition to our weekly celebration of Mars, that means that we're ready for another installment of The Ark Addendum.  This time, I figured that in honor of the Ron Friedman auctions (and if you haven't contributed to the charity/auction drive, what are you waiting for?) I'd go back to some American G1 classic models.  Yup, no Masterforce or Headmasters today, no siree.

In fact, I figured I'd do up the full Transformation sequence for none other than the Predacons, my favorite combiner team.  I know, blasphemy, right?  Everyone knows it's supposed to be Devastator.  I just love how sturdy the toys are for these guys, and I rather like the idea of five sleek and deadly Decepticon jungle warriors.  This week it's Razorclaw, team leader extraordinaire.

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Anonymous said...

This is great stuff. The predacons were my favorite as well. I wish the animation was consistant with them in the series. As someone who has tried to illustrate these guys, there models are confusing to say the least. Epecially trying to match front and backs.

I'd love to see transforms for the Terracons as well, but I image they would be fairly rare.