Saturday, July 10, 2010

Not QUITE in the AllSpark Almanac - the original Tux!

So, there's this very talented fellow named Laurent Libessart, who draws up awesome GoBots in the Transformers Animated style.  I love, love, LOVE his work, so when I was putting together the second Almanac, I contacted him and asked him if he'd like to be involved.  He drew up this lovely Tux / Stretch model. It's slightly different than what's in the book, as the book version features a new head by Derrick Wyatt (with Laurent's consent, of course.)  Still, I thought it might be nice to showcase Laurent's original vision.  Go on over to his Deviant Art page and check it out in full resolution, and while you're there browse around a bit!

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Dou Hong said...

Thank you for all work that you and the others have put in the Allspark Almanac!

XD I'm only saying this because I'm probably never gonna meet you guys in person, so I felt this was the next best way.

The AA is one of my favorite art books, and I use it as reference a lot. The personal logs and attention to detail are phenominal! I hope you and the others get to work on future transformers art/reference books!