Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Hasbro Q&A

Every few months, Hasbro engages the online fan communities in Q&A sessions.  This offers the fandom a great chance to get answers directly from the horse's mouth.  Some of the answers that have been given out over the years have been remarkably informative.  There was one in particular that I loved, pertaining to the nature of The Fallen.  You can read it over on tfwiki.net.

Well, this week the latest round of answers are coming out, and one of the answers over on Parry Game Preserve was a particularly detailed and well written one.  I, uh, also have a selfish reason to like it, which will become clear:
Preserve: My favorite Transformers: Animated episode has to be Thrill of the Hunt which brought back the legendary Sue Blu as Arcee in the touching Ratchet wartime flashbacks. It was spectacular that it was recently perfectly captured by the Toys R Us Exclusive wave of those two figures. I'm wondering if the Transformers Brand team has any favorite episodes of that series that they would like to share.

Hasbro: Some of the team's favorite episodes from the past include War Dawn from the Generation One series, Other Visitors from the Beast Wars series, and the popular Armada episode Carnival. As for Animated, one of the most beloved episodes is the two-part series finale End Game. During its production, both the studio and Hasbro believed that End Game could very well be the final episode of the series. So many of the loose ends from the previous seasons were tied up and the escalation of the stories written by Rich Fogel and Marsha Griffin are the most action packed in the entire series.
There's this immense amount of tension built up during both episodes leading into the final battle between Optimus Prime and Megatron, while the rest of the Autobots tend to the Lugnut Supreme problem in their own ways. There was so many layers of story telling going on, and each Autobot had their own tasks to accomplish to make everything work out for the better. One of the most moving moments in the entire series also happens during the last episode, where Prowl sacrifices himself to save the city and his friends. I feel like that moment in particular really added a dose of reality to the animation and helped really drive home the difference between Autobots and Decepticons. Additionally, although the episode was written in a way to leave the door open for a potential season four, that never materialized, but the story concepts did! Those concepts are laid out in the The AllSpark Almanac II which is available at stores now.
So, uh, yeah.  Wow.  Thanks for that, guys!  I really appreciate it.  And thanks to PGP for asking the question in the first place.  Keep up the good work, great questions garner great answers.  BTW, there's a whole 'nother question about the logistics of international toy distribution too, so check them out.

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Nice shout out. Give credit where it's due though. It's a great book.